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"Let us go and see how they are doing" Acts 15:36  



Mission outreach is the primary activity of the church.  Since the first century church, the body of Christ has been sending forth individuals called to serve both at home and abroad. Assisting Missions Ministries was established to provide Service and Education for missionaries in far away lands and here in the US; missionaries on furlough, and missionaries of the future.  Service is provided through many projects while Biblically based educational support and teaching is given to students, pastors, and congregations.  A. M. Ministries helps to fill in gaps while working with other agencies and denominations to support mission efforts.
Bruce W. Campbell leads this non-profit ministry along with his wife, Patricia, who provides vital administrative support.  Bruce is a graduate of Pacific Christian College (Hope University) and holds Masters degrees in Counseling and Education from Pepperdine University and the University of Oregon.  He has served as teacher and counselor at Emerald Bible Fellowship, and within the community of Eugene, Oregon.  He has continued to travel throughout the world during the past 25 years.  Vocationally, he served with Christian Family Services and a national vocational firm prior to directing AMM.
Current Prayer Needs:
We appreciate your prayers for God's continued provision for the ministry, especially for the following needs:
  • Finances for Medical Supplies and New Testaments for Africa.
  • Praise for finances to assist Here is Life build a training center in Uganda.
  • Forever Young Treehouses to build a treehouse for the handicapped in Portland Oregon.
  • Finances for ongoing ministry needs.


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Assisting Missions Ministries
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Phone: 541-689-2707



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2004 started with a new outreach ministry under the direction of Richard Turanski.

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